10/9/2021  Larry Burdgick
 Miami born and internationaly acclaimed personal growth and mindfulness festival, The Move-Ment: Be Here Now Experience announces their eighth edition at Miami’s new urban oasis, Homestead. Attendees are set to experience a ful day of transformation from within on November 11th, 2021 from 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM. The Move-Ment -Be Here Now Experience has touched the lives of more than 1000 people, where powerful shifts and life changing transformations took place. Each of these events was carefuly curated and facilitated by the creative energy of world renowned coaches, healers and spiritual teachers.
The upcoming edition, wil be a 12-hour experience where attendees receive al-inclusive access for the activities at the main stage (Heart Stage) and one-on-one sessions with personal growth coaches and spiritual healers (Coaching Garden and Healing Oasis.) In addition, paid services such as Massages, Alternative Therapies, Light Language Activations, Local Products, and many more exciting treasures wi l be offered (Conscious Market). The Creators of The Move-Ment are caling Florida locals and al mindfulness enthusiasts around the globe looking for professionaly guided techniques and tools from renown personal growth coaches and spiritual healers. During this soul awakening and spiritualy transformative journey, the event attendees wil have the option of immersing, experimenting, and losing themselves in sacred geometry, code activations, guided meditations, yoga, music and one-on-one coaching and healing sessions.
Homestead, a hidden oasis 30 miles south of Miami, was carefuly chosen for the eighth edition because of its calmness away from the hectic city, and its rich history: the region was inhabited by Tequesta and then Calusa Indians before their disappearance by the early 19th century. You can sti l feel mother nature in its essence. A perfect place to honor the elements! EVENT SCHEDULE A series of interactive at the festivals main stage: The Heart Stage 11 AM - The 5 Elements Activation (@antonina_canal_) 12 AM - Ahana Yoga Experience (@ahanayoga)1 PM - Just Breathe (@marlonpetzold) 2 PM - The Love Journey (@iamjeanetterios & @brandone) 3 PM - The Rise Of The Phoenix (@betsydecuba) 4 PM - Sacred Venus, Sacred Mars (@niaperezherrera & @jeffparker.love) 5 PM - Own Your Power (@Sitarameditation) 6 PM - 11 11 Astral Travel (@apoloniakeys) 7 PM- Feel The Fruit (@alejandroglatt) 8 PM-Blessing To The Earth (@graciamariam @giseleschreirner @palomateppaofficial & @iamsarahmacmilan) 9 PM - The Dance Temple (@zoelmusic) 10 PM - Fireflies At The Lagoon (@kaheal1111) Coaching Garden A dynamic space where a select group of life coaches, holistic practitioners, therapists, and specialists in personal growth wil offer one-on-one coaching consultations. Dominic (Inner Peace Advisor), Irina Vlada (Awareness Coach), Bianca Abbot (Holistic Nurse Practitioner), Justin Gottlieb (Tantra Coach), Gizela Turbok (Human Potential Coach), Christina Sudduth (Personal Empowerment Coach), Paula Arguindengui (Expat Life Coach),
Nathalie Delaine (Mindfulness Life Coach), Deby Lichtenstein (The Imperfect Coach), Gisele Fiumara (Conscious Marketing Consultant), Maria Chernysheva (Stretching Coach). Healing Oasis The Healing Oasis is a designated area for expressing personal obstacles, issues and chalenges and where attendees can receive personal growth advice and healing in return from seven curated healers. Shaundra Hyre (Medicine Woman), Manuel Zaldana (Spiritual Guide), Lauren Manzke (Tachyon Energy Healer), Damian Joseph (Heart Healer), Becca Medvin (Flower Essence Healing), Natasha Zinovyeva (Reiki Master), Layla Rose (Inner Child Healer), Nathalie Henrich (Womb & Tantra Healer), Barbara Perez (Theta Healer), Gaby Ugarte (Theta Healer), Copper (Crown Activator). Book Corner Every year the festival supports a Self Help Author.
This year the book “Own Your Power” by Sitara. Meditation Teacher and Co-Founder of The Move-Ment wil be presented in this section. An insightful book offering a life Plan to master your life with curated meditations. Conscious Market Services of healing and relaxation. *Paid services. Not included in ticket price. 11:00 AM -11:00 PM
ABOUT THE MOVE-MENT: The Move-Ment is a vision of two creative women; Sitara, Meditation Teacher and Author and Zoel, Creative Director and Music Producer. Both based in Miami, wanted to create an event where spirituality could be experienced. After three successful years and events, this wil be the fourth edition of the Be Here Now Experience. “Life is enriched when we make a conscious effort to be present and live in the moment, no matter what that moment holds,” says Zoel, co-creator of The Move-Ment and music producer. “When we are present there is no worry about the future or the past, that is our whole goal with The Move-Ment to bring people to the Here and Now.” View more photos & poster here. For more information please visit http://themove-ment.com/. Like us on Facebook at https:// www.facebook.com/TheMoveM/ and folow us on Instagram at @themove_ment. Eventbrite Link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-move-ment-be-here-now-experience-tickets-164367169629