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Our addiction conferences 2021 series re-starts in 2021! This live addiction conferences series already have three thought leader presenters with two remaining slots available. We are also looking for an event sponsor that will get backend marketing worth in excess of $5,000. You can call Charles Davis at 561-235-6195 for more sponsorships like breakfast and lunch sponsors.

So far this event features;

- FARR Why you need FARR certification more than ever in 2021
- Atkins and Associates – How to increase revenue cycle management?
- Integrity billing – How to maximize substance abuse billing?
- CAN Community Heath – How to get FREE Hep C testing and treatment (including meds) for addiction treatment centers?

Our goal is to help addiction treatment centers with business and drug rehab marketing. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge increase in time spent on the internet. Consider this, there are 63,000 searches on Google every second. The cost of PPC is too high for small to medium sized centers. Paid ads on Google only get 1-2% of the clicks. the majority of the clicks are from the top 10 organical listings and Google Maps which get 60-70% of the clicks! Addiction treatment enters marketing strategy must have SEO, social media and focus on page one organic rankings. This “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals” event is for CEO, Marketing Directors, and Outreach professionals. It’s also a critical lead generation training for all ancillary service provides in the industry.

This behavioral health event will assist in several key areas. LinkedIn will start to become more of a factor for SEO with the March 1, 2020 update completion. Traditionally it’s the most under utilized area for all businesses in the industry. This includes substance abuse treatment centers a ancillary services like billing, electronic medical records, drug testing, specialized apps and many more. Here are the key areas this addiction conference will cover;

- Building a robust LinkedIn profile.
- Optimizing for SEO to rank in LinkedIn and on page one of Google.
- LinkedIn’s new role in SEO. Google released information that no-follow links will have Google ranking Juice starting on March 1, 2020.
- Why Pulse posts are Important?
- How to use LinkedIn for lead generation.
- How to get targeted level one connections.
- Learn how to start and grow targeted groups.
- The power of LinkedIn email.
- Learn the hidden secrets that no one else has covered.

Who Should Attend This Exclusive Behavioral Health Addiction Conferences Marketing Training?

Our 2021 addiction conferences series will focus on one thing. It will provide much needed drug rehab marketing and SEO tools for rehabilitation centers. LinkedIn is more powerful than you can imagine. Behavioral Health Network Resources started because of LinkedIn. It was the main vehicle we used back in 2014 to start our drug rehab marketing agency. We have built up over 30,000 addiction and behavioral health professional level one connections. In addition we have built 12 addiction professional groups with over 50,000 members. This event will greatly benefit;

- drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers
- sober home providers
- aftercare providers
- billing companies
- electronic health record companies
- billing and utilization review providers
- pharmaceutical related companies
- attorney’s
- labs
- consultants
- any business in the addiction and behavioral health industry

The Addiction Professional Referral group has 15,000 members and the California Addiction and Behavioral Health Connection group has over 500 pending requests to join. Here is a list of the top addiction groups on social media with over 210,000 members.

Drug-Rehab-Marketing-Solutions-300x136 Addiction Conferences Get Linked for Addiction Professionals
Connect in these addiction professional groups.

Why Are We Bringing Get Linked for Addiction Professionals Training?

Our addiction conferences have always focused on ethical <a href="">drug rehab marketing</a> and business practices. We are going back to our roots of when Behavioral health Network Resources first started. We started on company based solely on LinkedIn. The behavioral health event will teach you how we’ve built up these unprecedented numbers. Our CEO is on Page one of Google for many terms including;

- drug rehab marketing
- drug rehab marketing agency
- drug rehab consultants
- drug rehab marketing consultants

Think about how powerful it is to have your LinkedIn profile or business page on page one of Google. It builds instant trust. This industry is frustrated when it comes to drug rehab marketing and generating new clients. Many centers are unsuccessfully trying to go back to old lead generation strategies that used to work that include;

Google Ad Words
Facebook paid marketing
Boots on the ground
Education-on-Google-Adwords-Click-through-rate-300x295 Addiction Conferences Get Linked for Addiction Professionals

These drug rehab marketing strategies aren’t as effective as they have been in the past. That is why we are incorporating teach strategies at our addiction conferences in 2021. Google Ad Words only get 2% of page one clicks and the leads are generally Medicaid and Medicare. Google maps and the first three organic ranks get about 60% of the clicks.

There are common drug rehab marketing mistakes being made by addiction treatment center. This is main due to the lack on marketing and SEO knowledge, Many smaller rehabilitation centers are just using a boots on the ground strategy. There are only so many referrals that can be exchanged. This is one of the main reasons many centers are closing. This is due to extreme competition, players spending in excess of $500,000 per month in paid advertising, and shady deals. The small to medium size centers think they can’t compete. They are partly correct because they can’t spend that kind of money. However, the big players can’t focus on all the cities in the US. This is the marketing mix sweet spot for the smaller facilities. LinkedIn will be playing a much bigger role in this starting March 1, 2020. This is where the smaller guys can win.

Why Does a CEO and Drug Rehab Marketing Director Need to Focus on LinkedIn for SEO?

Let’s face it, many substance abuse addiction treatment centers do not have a web marketing strategy. That is because drug rehab marketing is difficult. However, you must realize there are 63,000 searches on Google every second. The lead generation possibilities are drastically higher than a boots on the ground strategy. that is one of the things you will learn at our addiction conferences. Many CEO’s and Directors see little value in LinkedIn. It’s paramount that they pay attention to it in 2020. LinkedIn is more valuable than ever due to the coronavirus. Google announced that no-follow links will give some Google Juice if the content is good. LinkedIn’s authority ranking is a 99 out of 100. This is in the top 1% of the best websites to get back-links from. The final stage of this update is for crawling and indexing will start on March 1, 2020. Here is what Google had to say;

When no-follow was introduced, Google would not count any link marked this way as a signal to use within our search algorithms. This change will be completed in March of 2020. All the link attributes — sponsored, UGC and no-follow — are treated as hints about which links to consider or exclude within Search. We’ll use these hints — along with other signals — as a way to better understand how to appropriately analyze and use links within our systems.

The way to beat the big players spending big money is organic, local drug rehab SEO and Social media. To do this you will need our educational addiction conferences 2021 series. However, this causes two problems which are poor knowledge on SEO, and blogs loaded with drug rehab SEO mistakes. Many Owners and drug rehab Marketing Directors know little about the deep complexities of search engine optimization. Having a LinkedIn profile show up on page one of Google for a term like drug rehabs (followed by the city) is powerful. It gives immediate trust because LinkedIn is a professional business website. This combined with a second organic listing to the main website is powerful. Having two links on page one is extremely impressive and increases the chances of someone clicking through.

As the leaders of an organization it’s your job to get everyone on the same page with social media. This means distributing high quality content. In March of 2020 is also means a chance to build valuable back-links. There are 100’s of ways to build these powerful back-links. The addiction conferences series will provide an extensive education on how and where to build these.

Why Do Outreach Professional Need to Attend our Addiction Conferences 2021 Events?

Our addiction conferences 2021 series sympathies’ with you. As Outreach professionals you have the toughest job in our industry. If you don’t bring in enough clients your not going to have a job. Turnover of this position is extremely high. The average position lasts 3-6 months. We see this on LinkedIn profiles with these professionals having 3-4 positions in a two year time period. You guys need more tools to be able to perform the job. Linked has 550 million professionals with at least 20 million addiction and behavioral health professionals.

The problem is you do not know how to utilize LinkedIn for drug rehab marketing and SEO. Our addiction conferences started from this one simple fact. Take a look at Charles Davis’ LinkedIn profile. It’s very robust with all possible back-link possibility. With LinkedIn you must realize some things go way beyond LinkedIn.

Company leaders must step back in 2021 and look at the big picture with LinkedIn. Unfortunately part of the problem stems from management. They hire you on the potential referrals they think you can bring in. Once hired they basically say, “OK, bring in the clients.” They are not providing enough tools for you.

During the addiction conferences 2021 series we will provide LinkedIn training that you can use to start building high quality relationships for new referral sources. It will teach you how to distribute high quality content and how to effectively use LinkedIn mail. You will also learn how to elevate yourself as a thought leader in addiction treatment.

Why Should Ancillary Service Providers Participate at our Addiction conferences 2021 events?

Ancillary services providers like substance abuse billing companies need to be in front of the addiction treatment centers decision makers. Our addiction conferences 2021 on LinkedIn provide a tool to drip your content to the target audience. Some use the strategy of doing this at addiction conferences. Others try to hire sales people that have been in Outreach or have contacts at rehabilitation centers. Very few think of the vast amount of searches on Google everyday. The goal of these critical providers is to;

- Attract new potential clients – LinkedIn has these decision makers
- Establish new relationships – LinkedIn is a professional and intimate platform
- Develop those relationships – You need to contact them frequently, and distribute valuable content. This will increase close rates at conferences and events.
- Build brand recognition that reinforces attending addiction conferences and sales people’s jobs. LinkedIn’s value is two fold by dripping your content and the possibility of ranking on page one of Google for key search terms.
- How to get valuable back-links from LinkedIn to increase organic rankings on Google.
- Sales and Service Industries Need LinkedIn Training
- drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers you need a healthy marketing mix.

Our addiction conferences 2021 provide this and more. LinkedIn now provides the chance to get your content read by the CEO or high Executive decision makers. It also provides an avenue to get ranked for keywords searched on Google. BHNR has proven this by example. Try and Google “substance abuse billing.” We are on page one and we are not a substance abuse billing company. We have the knowledge to do this with any ancillary service provider. Some of these include;

- substance abuse billing and revenue cycle management
- EHR/EMR electronic medical records
- pharmaceutical companies
- drug testing and labs
- financial services
- consultants
- attorneys
- interventionists
- accreditation and credentialing related organizations
- industry related app and software providers
- CEU’s and online education providers
- website designers
- and many more

Our Addiction Conferences 2021 Provide Drug Rehab Marketing Value You Can’t Get Anywhere Else
business-woman-attending-addiction-professional-conferences-300x161 Addiction Conferences Get Linked for Addiction Professionals

Behavioral Health Network Resources addiction conferences 2020 series is a result of dominating LinkedIn for over six years. We have the largest corralled and targeted audience on the platform in the industry. This did not happen by chance. We know all the secrets and back-doors to LinkedIn. We distribute our comprehensive content to our targeted audience every month. In addition we control all the content that is posted by anyone in our 12 groups with 50,000 members. This is extremely powerful for us, and can be powerful for your center or ancillary services organization.

LinkedIn is not as simple as everyone thinks. There are many ways to get your content in front of the target audience you build. Now in 2020 it’s also essential for SEO and getting ranked on Google.

This addiction conferences series provides one of the most valuable tools. We can’t tell you how many times our CEO has went to an addiction conference and a majority of people there know him before he even says one word. They usually say, “You are all over social media!”. What some don’t realize is that we control a majority of addiction professional groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. This is branding at its’ best on social media.

As a management leader it’s your job to lead the organization. Building a lead generation stream is a complicated process. You must provide useful tools for outreach and sales professionals. Learn how addiction treatment center staff can prepare for our addiction conferences. Every drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and ancillary service providers need more leads.

We hope to see you are our addiction conferences 2021 series with the “Get Linked for Addiction Professionals” training. Get the drug rehab marketing training that will benefit your organization. Please contact our CEO, Charles Davis with any sponsorship questions at 561-235-6195.. Some sponsorship’s instantly tap you into our audience of 80,000 addiction professionals. We look forward to seeing you there.

We look forward to another great event and hope you will join us at our addiction conferences in 2021!
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