7/30/2023  Larry Burdgick

A digital magazine, or e-zine, is a publication that is distributed electronically via the internet. It can either be used as an online version of a print magazine, or it may be solely published in digital format. Digital magazines are typically free to read and often feature interactive content such as videos, audio clips, and other engaging features. They're becoming increasingly popular as a way for publishers to reach a larger audience and offer content that may not be found in traditional print publications.

Explore Florida's vibrant culture with these 10 digital magazines! From food festivals to art showcases, you'll find something of interest for everyone in the great Sunshine State! Read on to discover what each of these magazines has to offer and decide which one you'd like to subscribe to. From north to south, here are our top ten picks for digital magazines in Florida:

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1. Miami Magazine – A full-service magazine covering topics such as lifestyle, culture, travel, and more focusing on Miami.

2. Florida Keys Magazine – A comprehensive guide to the Florida Keys, featuring local events and attractions.

3. Tampa Bay Times – An award-winning newspaper that covers news, sports, entertainment, business, and more in the Tampa Bay area.

4. Orlando Weekly – A weekly lifestyle magazine covering all things Orlando with an emphasis on art, culture, and music.

5. Florida Food & Farm – A magazine that celebrates the state's local food producers, growers, chefs, brewers, distillers, and more.

6. South Florida Magazine – An all-inclusive lifestyle publication about the people and places in the Miami area.

7. Jacksonville Magazine – A magazine that highlights the city of Jacksonville and its unique culture.

8. Naples Illustrated – A publication dedicated to showcasing the best parts of Naples, from beaches and golf to dining and entertainment.

9. Boca Raton Magazine – An exclusive guidebook exploring life in Boca Raton, FL with special features on fashion, art, and beauty.

10. Pensacola Magazine – A magazine that celebrates the people, places, and events of Pensacola with lively stories and interviews.

No matter where in Florida you're from or visiting, there's digital magazine for everyone! Whether you're interested in local entertainment or excited to explore the state's unique culture, these magazines have something for everyone.