Start Me Up! Tribute to the Rolling Stones

Start Me Up! Tribute to the Rolling Stones
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Start Me Up! Tribute to the Rolling Stones is everything you expect from a Stones show. The authenticity of Start Me Up! has been called the closest thing to being at an actual Rolling Stones concert including the look, music, and moves. Every song is a hit and has audiences on their feet from the first note to the final encore.
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Start Me Up! Lori Hersey
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Start Me Up! is the most authentic recreation of the Rolling Stones that you will ever see. The sights… the sounds… the moves… are all part of this high-energy show that has audiences dancing and singing along from the first notes to the final encore.

From the opening riff, you’ll be amazed at the authentic portrayal of Mick, Keith, and the band as they perform all the classic hits like Start Me Up, Satisfaction, Ruby Tuesday and deep cuts including Monkey Man. Start Me Up! is the closest thing possible to being at a live Rolling Stones concert. Once you see Start Me Up! you’ll never want to stop.
Get ready to relive the magic of the Rolling Stones.
It’s a gas gas gas!

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