Old Hippies

Old Hippies
United States


For these time traveling old hippies, it has always been about the music!
Beginning on front porches, in fields and parks and around the campfires of the sixties, the seed was planted. It has grown over the years as they have traveled across the North American continent, entertaining countless numbers of entertainment revelers, while continuing the journey….
Now they've come full circle with an enduring passion for the music of their youth. The music of the Old Hippies is acoustic and a varied brand, be it their own creative songs or recognizable covers from a golden musical era:
The fifties, sixties and seventies and on, nostalgic to those who lived it and romanced by those who didn't.
They have brought with them those unmistakable vocal harmonies and pleasing acoustic renditions of so many great tunes,
missed by many, remembered by most, and loved by all.
When the Old Hippies sing and play, it’s an event for all to share!
Old Hippies will leave everyone with a smile on their face, peace in their mind, and a song in their heart
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