As of 2022, the band consists of 4-5 members! Jackson Squires is the newest addition to the band as guitarist and currently also manages the soundboard. David Gonzales has become the lead guitarist and provides lead and/or backup vocals. Justin Mandell is on bass and occasionally switches to guitar for some songs. Curtis Wright has become one of the main drummers. The band (@JerziBand) originally featured Gus D'Angelo on drums, Jett Morrow or Josiah Nalzaro on guitar/vocals, and David Gonzales on bass/vocals. 2019-2021 Justin Mandell has joined on bass while David Gonzales rocks the electric guitar and Andrew Smith provides killer beats on drums. (Guests of honor: Bashaum Stewart, Joshua Ewers, Kai Turner, Tristan Plyant, Kacy Carvajal, Matt Kraft, and a few others!)
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