Joey Gilmore and The TCB Express

A true master of blues and R&B, Joey has been mesmerizing fans for 40+ years. Joey acquired his love for the guitar in his teenage years. He was so enamored with the instrument he taught himself how to play.

Since then, Joey has carved out his own name as one of the greatest blues legends that south Florida has to offer. He has also become known outside of Florida by sharing the stage with music greats such as Etta James, Johnny Taylor, and Bobby Bland just to name a few.

Joey has many accolades under his belt such as winner of the 2006 IBCs, Blewzzy award for "Best Song", and the Latin World Talent Lifetime Achievement Award. If your blues collection does not include one of Joey's albums, you should make it a point to see him and the T.C.B. Express live and in person.

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