Fremantlemusic LLC
5500 NW 15 St C2
Margate, FL 33063
United States


The music of AC/DC as performed by the Bad Boys of Broward.
While many others imitate, we authoritate. Fremantle is a collection of musicians dedicated to sounding as close to AC/DC as possible. While looks may not be everything, the sound is most important. Listen to Larry's blistering guitar as he moves up and down the fretboard duplicating Angus' riffs and every note. While Alan crushes out the everlasting accompaniment that pulls it together with intense force. Adding bottom is Lorenzo with the fearless bass skills matching that of Cliff. Completing the rhythm section is Mike on drums with the crushing force that bleeds the music into one powerful unit. Rock on vocals perfecting the unique and scouring voice that only Bon Scott himself can do. When you put all this together you get FREMANTLE.
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