The Symphonic Underground

Daniel Cortes
The Symphonic Underground, Florida’s newest (and only) professional nerd orchestra, is fiercely devoted to presenting live multimedia collaborations featuring music from video games, films, and cartoons. Their first official performance will be held on Sunday, October 6th (5 PM) at The Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center in Sanford, Florida. “Dancing Mad: A Final Fantasy VI Tribute”, pays homage to the legendary RPG soundtrack composed by maestro Nobuo Uematsu. Rebecca Tripp, the Tribute’s arranger, is also providing stunning visuals which will be projected from a massive screen above the ensemble. Piano virtuosa Kara Comparetto and symphonic metal guitarist Chris Valenta will be the featured soloists on a program consisting entirely of world premieres.
Founder and conductor Daniel Cortes explains, “The importance of video game music in culture must not be underestimated. People forge intense emotional connections with these soundtracks because they are active participants in the gaming process. You become the character and their musical themes become the soundtrack to your struggles and celebrations.” Speaking of celebrations: Everybody is invited to party with the orchestra afterward! Location to be disclosed at the concert.
The first half of the program features original compositions and arrangements by game and film composers Angelo Goderre, Allan Brown, Jason Kutchma, Nathan Felix, Sam Dillard, and a promising young talent by the name of Ludwig Van Beethoven (you may have heard of him). Let us take you on a perilous journey where you’ll fight a creepy clown, fall in love, and maybe even save humanity! Tickets can be purchased through our Facebook page at Symphonic Underground Productions or at this link:
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