Band Announcement 2019 Treasure Coast Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet

Larry Burdgick

Band Announcement 2019 Treasure Coast Bike Show and Swap Meet

Main Stage Sunday March 3, 2019

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. They focus on rock songs of the 90s but also dabble in country, a little classic rock and some current hits. While playing the songs “everyone wants to hear”, they also play some of the “Oh wow, remember that song!” hits. Madison, Steve and Shane spent years in a country/rock band together, where they played all over the southern half of Florida (Keys to Sebastian to Tampa to Marco Island) and were one of the house bands at Margaretville Resort in Hollywood, FL..

Being rockers at heart, they decided to disband from the country band and form a rock band. So, to continue on their next chapter, Madison, Steve and Shane searched the Craigslist ads and discovered the talents of Bill and Craig and have been putting their unique ideas and talents together to form something fun and different that offers a blend of music that everyone can enjoy.

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